Providing dialysis in the most remote parts of Australia

Purple House is an innovative Indigenous-owned and run health service operating from its base in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory

Remote Indigenous people in Central Australia are up to 30 times more likely to suffer from kidney disease. Families must move off their country and come to Alice Springs or Darwin for dialysis treatment. Communities are left without elder leadership, families are broken and culture is weakened. Patients suffer from isolation and depression, restricted by a dialysis machine for their foreseeable future. Purple House is a home away from home for these Indigenous dialysis patients.

Now operating 14 remote clinics and a mobile dialysis unit called the Purple Truck, Purple House is  getting patients back home so that families and culture can remain strong.


Bush Balms

Purple House’s Bush Balms products are made from plants expertly collected on Aboriginal lands around Central Australia.

Developed by people with an unbroken tradition of Indigenous intellectual and cultural knowledge, Bush Balms are truly made from the heart, offering employment opportunities for our renal patients and their families.

Share a tale with us!

Join us in Alice Springs for a special conversation about remote dialysis, community-led healthcare and keeping culture strong. As of November 2018, renal dialysis treatments in very remote areas will be funded through a new Medicare Benefits Schedule item. As...

Heading to High Ground

It had been years in the planning. Legendary Australian actor Jack Thompson was ready to head to Kakadu to make a new film called High Ground. But things got complicated when Jack was diagnosed with kidney disease in early 2018. It meant he would now require regular...

Purple House wins NT Telstra Business Award

Purple House is the 2018 NT Telstra Business of the Year as announced at a ceremony in Darwin in August.

Recognised for being a strong Indigenous-run and controlled organisation, Purple House provides dialysis in 14 remote clinics as well as the Purple Truck, a mobile dialysis service.


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