Last week we celebrated 20 years of Sarah Brown as CEO of Purple House! Sarah has worked alongside the all-Indigenous Board of Directors since the inception of the organisation. She is an amazing asset to Purple House and has been a strong voice advocating for high quality, community-led health care for Indigenous Australians.

Three of our Directors, Irene Nangala, Elizabeth Marks and Kaylene Collins wrote some words thanking Sarah for her service:

“Sarah, you have done so much for us. We trust you. You look after everyone. You work with us, doing good work. So we can go home to Country. We have dialysis on Country. You work and help us. You are family to us, in our hearts. Palya. Palya to you and Purple House. I’m here, we are here with our families and get to see our grandchildren, family grow up. We go to Directors meetings with you talk up together, work hard together, doing good so family can go home to Country. You help family not feel worried or scared about renal and we can share our renal stories to keep families, communities and culture here with us. We love you Sarah, enjoy your event.”

Sarah thanked Purple House staff “from the bottom & top (and middle)” of her heart:

“Thanks to everyone who has worked their socks off to help me & the Directors with our crazy plans! Thanks to everyone who bounce in to work in the morning to do your very best for our patients and our organisation. To you all for putting up with me!

20 years ago when I started, there was a dream of a dialysis chair in Kintore. Look at everything we’ve done!”

Thank you Sarah! Purple House would not be the same without you.