Aged Care

Taking care of our old people with dignity, respect and compassion is at the heart of the Purple House model of care. We provide high quality services which are client centred and prioritise cultural safety. Our non-residential aged care services respond to the needs and directions of the individual client and are designed to assist people to live a good quality of life whether they are in town or out bush on country.

We work with clients and their families/carers to develop clear care goals which are designed to support their health and well-being.  Our team also assist in facilitating aged care assessments.

Remote sites: Purple House delivers non-residential aged care services to any eligible client living in the remote NT communities of Mt Liebig and Yuendumu. These are funded through the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care program which is available to people aged over 50 years living in remote Aboriginal communities.

Town site:  Purple House delivers non-residential aged care services in Alice Springs, supported through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and the Commonwealth Home Care package which is designed for those with more complex needs.  Our town based services in Alice Springs are specifically available to dialysis patients from Western Desert communities.

Services include:

  • Transport
  • Social support (group and individual activities, respite)
  • Domestic Assistance (e.g. laundry)
  • Personal care
  • Meals
  • Primary health care (home care package)
  • Return to Country program

Our services comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards and are also shaped by the significant cultural obligations set out by our Board and the communities they represent. Purple House developed a detailed COVID-19 Management plan early in the pandemic and abides by all CHO directions and Commonwealth Aged Care requirements. We also have individual site management plans for our two remote aged care sites.


We comply with relevant standards and rules regarding complaints and take them seriously. If you would like more information, follow the link below:


Aged Care contact numbers:

Alice Springs – 08 8953 6444

Yuendumu Aged Care – 08 8956 4155

Mt Liebig Aged Care – 08 8964 8024