When COVID-19 hit the Purple House knew its patients would be some of the most vulnerable and that getting the right information out to community was critical. So we worked with Brendan Kavanagh from Highway Learning and an animation in Pintupi-Luritja (Western Desert language) to explain the virus was developed in just 24 hours!

A year later and a vaccine is available…so we need to make sure people aren’t worried about getting the needle to protect them and their families. Our weekly language group, made up of patients and Directors, developed the script to address the things their communities are anxious about and to explain the process. They are also the voices on the animation and are rightly proud of the role they are playing in getting important messages to their communities to keep people safe. There is already significant interest in translating the the animation into other Indigenous languages as the vaccine rollout gets into full swing.

Purple House and Highway Learning have worked in partnership for two years on Wangka Kutja, the first real-time translation app for English to Pintupi-Luritja – the language spoken by people from the Western Desert in Central Australian communities such as Mt Liebig, Papunya, Haasts Bluff and Kintore. (the communities who started and run Purple House) Our patient language group meet weekly to keep teaching the app, including recording new vocabulary and new functionality is added regularly. The app is available for use on desktop or on mobile phones – more info here.

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If you’ve got a question about the language app or our animations please contact us on communications@purplehouse.org.au