Central Australian Renal Voice (CARV)

Established in November 2013, the consumer advocacy group Central Australia Renal Voice (CARV) provides patients with a forum to advocate for change in the provision of dialysis treatment, accommodation and social support to drive better health outcomes.

CARV provides a structured linkage between patients and service providers, facilitating meaningful discussions for the provision of advice, direction, and advocacy for planning, delivery, design, measurement and evaluation of renal health care in Central Australia.

The purpose of CARV is to empower renal patients to advocate for change so that their concerns and objectives are valued and to work with health, accommodation and social support providers to improve service and health outcomes for dialysis patients.

CARV will help improve health outcomes for patients and their families through:

  • Working together to address cultural safety issues to ensure that the provision of services is respectful, appropriate and free of discrimination,
  • Patients voicing their concerns about dialysis treatment and living in Alice Springs, and
  • Service providers understanding the problems these patients face while receiving dialysis treatment and living in Alice Springs.

CARV representatives meet on a quarterly basis. Western Desert Dialysis currently support CARV by assisting with coordination and secretariat for meetings. If you have an issue relating to the provision of care and services to renal patients send an email via Western Desert Dialysis (enquiries@purplehouse.org.au) or phone (08) 8953 6444 to get in touch with the group.

Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation

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