Remote Nurse Entitlements

Thank you for considering coming to work at Purple House.

This page is designed to help you work out your potential pay and entitlements. Total remuneration can be calculated by taking your base salary and adding each of the additional entitlements/benefits included in this document. As you will see from the example below, Purple House provides great financial incentive for dialysis nurses wanting to work remote and since your accommodation is fully paid for, all you will need to pay for is your food.

Total Remuneration – Full-time Remote Dialysis Nurse (Example)
Description Value
Base Rate $80,000
TIL Accrued $16,000
Superannuation $9,120
Accommodation (provided at no cost) $10,400
Remote Allowance (@ maximum pro rata) $10,400
Salary Packaging + Meal/Accommodation Card $9702
Remote Travel Benefit $1000
Study Leave + Costs $4150
Total Remuneration
$140,772 (per annum)

Base Pay Rates

All nurses will be paid a base pay rate, please review all entitlements to calculate your total remuneration.

Position Description – Remote
Base Pay Rate- Full-time (p.a)
Base Pay Rate- Casual (p.a.)
Enrolled Dialysis Nurse $76,500 $91,800
Registered Dialysis Nurse $81,600 $97,920
Site Coordinator $87,000 N/A
Regional Coordinator $95,000 N/A

Please note Purple House pays superannuation of 9.5% in addition to base salary amounts above.

Accruing Time in Lieu (TIL)

Remote nurses are commonly required to work 6 days per week. This will depend on patient numbers and the size of the remote unit you are working in. Any hours worked above the salaried 38 will be accrued as TIL and can be paid as leave or in a lump sum at your request.


Purple House will provide remote nurses with secure accommodation with a phone and internet access available at no charge.

Remote Allowance

All nurses will receive remote allowance in addition to their base pay. This amount is tax free and non-reportable. Remote allowance = $10,400 p.a. (or $200 per week / $400 per fortnight)

Salary Packaging

Western Desert Dialysis is a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) and as such employees can access the highest levels of salary packaging available nationally. Employees can package up to $15,899 per FBT year (April – March). This means you can choose to pay no tax on up to $15,899 per year and increase your take-home pay substantially. Please see ‘Salary Packaging Information Sheet’ on our website more information. Click here to read more about Salary Packaging.

Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Benefit

In addition to the Salary Package amount above remote nurses are also entitled to package an additional $2650 per to pay for meals and flights/accommodation when on holidays. Again, this amount is tax-free. Please see Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation info sheet on our website for more information. Click here to read more about Meal Entertainment and Holiday Accommodation Benefit.

Most of our full-time remote nurses will accrue approximately 6 weeks TIL per year in addition to their 6 weeks annual leave.

Leave Entitlements

Full-time staff will receive very generous leave entitlements. These entitlements include:

  • 7 weeks annual leave for full-time employees
  • 5 days study leave per year (upon completion of 12 months continuous service) – plus $1000 per year for costs associated with study

Higher duties

Purple House will pay rates of higher duties above your base pay rate where remote nurses are moved into temporary roles above their contracted position.

e.g. where a Registered Dialysis Nurse is posted to a single nurse post temporarily and as such is operating as Site Coordinator for a period of time.

Higher Duties Level Description Equivalent Amount Paid on a per annum pro rata basis  
Level 1 An RN in a Site Coordinator role $5,400 (pro rata)
Level 2 A Site Coordinator working to a Regional Coordinator $8,000 (pro rata)
Level 3 An RN in a Regional Coordinator role $13,400 (pro rata)

Site Co-ordinator and Regional Dialysis Posts

Each remote site will have either a Site Coordinator or Regional Coordinator in place at all times.  This includes all single post remote sites and will ensure that the responsibilities taken on by single post nurses is fully rewarded in their salary.

Remote Travel Benefit

Purple House will pay for your flights to Alice Springs or Darwin (from any major Australian airport) when you commence your employment. In addition, the following conditions apply:

Full-time Nurses – Purple House will include up to $1000 in personal airfare costs each PBT year (April – March) referred to as a Remote Area Benefit. The Remote Area Benefit will include flights to and from your regional centre of work – Alice Springs or Darwin. Please note that any airfares paid for by Purple House may affect the amount of salary packaging available to you. E.g. for those staff that use the entire $1000 Remote Travel Benefit each FBT year the amount you can salary package will reduce by approximately $500 (hence you will pay tax on this $500 – approximately $155).

Casual employees – Purple House will book and pay for Casual Nurses to fly from any major Australian airport to their regional centre of work – Alice Springs or Darwin, a maximum of 3 times per calendar year. It does not pay for return flights for casual employees.

Motor Vehicle

Remote nurses may be provided with a motor vehicle to assist in the performance of their duties on site in remote communities.