Legendary Australian actor Jack Thompson is hoping to come to Kakadu next month to make a brand new film called High Ground. Although years in the planning, things got complicated when Jack was diagnosed with kidney disease earlier this year. He now requires regular dialysis treatment three times each week, which makes it hard to travel.

We at Purple House are the only provider of dialysis to patients in very remote areas through our 14 remote dialysis clinics across the NT and WA, and our legendary mobile dialysis unit called the Purple Truck. Without use of the Purple Truck, Jack simply can’t travel to Kakadu and can’t make this film.

There is currently no dialysis in Jabiru. By sending the Purple Truck there we can help Jack make his film and give many Indigenous patients a chance to go back home to their country and communities for a month-long visit! They’ll all be dialysed together in the Purple Truck!

But providing dialysis services out bush are expensive… To send the Purple Truck to Kakadu will cost about $40,000. We’re all doing what we can to cover the costs, but if you could help us raise just a quarter of that, it would make this journey possible.

So if you can possibly spare a few dollars, you’ll be helping Jack make this spectacular new film, and, better yet, be giving Indigenous patients a chance to GO HOME too! What a great opportunity.


About High Ground

The film Jack is making is an action thriller set in the 1930s. It tells the story of a young Aboriginal man raised by missionaries, who is recruited by a mounted policeman to hunt down a warrior leader in the epic landscapes of northern Australia, when a secret unravels that ultimately pits them against each other…

High Ground will feature both Jack Thompson and Simon Baker and will employ lots of local Indigenous actors as well! It will be filmed in Kakadu and Arnhem Land.