‘Anangu like the open space of their land, where they can smell the Spirit, the wildflowers and other plants.
They want fire for the smell of wood smoke going through the air.
They want to smell the flowers after rain.’ 

–       Committee member

Our name means ‘Making all our families well’ in the Pintupi Luritja language which recognises that people must be able to stay on country to look after and be looked after by their families. By supporting dialysis patients in town, and helping them to get safely home where they can participate in community life and teach their grandchildren we are contributing to stronger, healthier communities.

We are proud of what we have achieved over the years and there are a number of elements central to how we work:

  • We have a strong model of Indigenous governance with an all Aboriginal committee who are passionate about their families, culture and country
  • Our service delivery model is unique and holistic placing emphasis on the provision of culturally appropriate services and working together with our patients and their families to make sure we are doing things the right way
  • We are an innovative mix of philanthropic and self-generated funds, and Territory and Commonwealth Government support
  • We welcome students, volunteers and visitors to come and talk, learn and share ideas
  • We work to promote health by demystifying dialysis and renal disease on remote communities