COVID-19 Response

Purple House response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Purple House is committed to keeping our patients and staff as safe and well as possible during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We are pleased that the measures in place are working for the Northern Territory, which has the lowest number of cases in the country and no community transmission at this stage. However, remote communities have the least resources to deal with the virus and are greatly impacted by what happens in the rest of the country, so we remain concerned about how quickly this situation could change. Purple House has undertaken careful preparations so that we are able to respond quickly if there are any positive cases among our patients or staff.

Purple House took early steps, before the community closures, to support as many of our patients and their families as possible to get back to their communities out bush where they are safer. We acknowledge that remote communities have additional challenges in lock down, including food security, disruption of cultural practices and increased isolation. We also thank our remote nurses for their deep commitment and ongoing care of patients.

To support the health and well-being of our patients in town and in remote communities, the majority of our services continued to be delivered during 2020. However, we made a wide range of adjustments to ensure that the appropriate precautions were taken, including physical distancing, enhanced hygiene and cleaning practices, screening dialysis patients, and an increased focus on outreach. As of 2021 all services have recommenced with careful risk management as per our COVID-19 Response Plan which includes phased operational and service changes based on the current risk levels.

Early in the pandemic Purple House worked with our language group and Highway Learning to develop an animation in language (produced in 24hrs!) which explained COVID-19. A year later we produced a second animation explaining the vaccine. The script was developed and recorded by patients/Directors in response to the concerns from some of their communities. Watch/download here

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Email or call us on 08 8953 6444 if you have questions about our services.

For a copy of the latest Purple House COVID-19 Response Plan: 


Q. Is Purple House a COVID-19 vaccination site?

A. No. Check the government websites below for information on your closest provider.

Q. Is Purple House still providing dialysis to patients?

A. Yes, in both town and remote community locations. Our remote units take the lead from the Primary Health Care unit in their community, so when there are COVID-19 related restrictions to travel or health care provision we need to work within those guidelines.

Q. Is Purple House still providing Primary Health Care, allied health and social support services?

A. Yes, with modifications to meet COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Q. Is the Purple Truck running?

A. The two Purple Trucks are in operation, other than when the weather or roads prohibit, or when changes in the COVID situation requires a pause.

Q. Can visitors come to the Purple House in Alice Springs?

A. To keep our patients and staff safe we are limiting non-essential visitors to Purple House. During heightened periods or in response to CHO Directions this may change to patients and staff only on site.

Q. What do I do if I feel sick and have Coronavirus symptoms?

A. Seek medical attention, but call ahead to your doctor, clinic or hospital so they can prepare for you. (Testing and treatment is free.)

Q. Where can I find more information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

A. Visit the government website for your state or territory:

NT Government Coronavirus website

WA Government Coronavirus website

SA Government Coronavirus website

Australian Government Coronavirus website

Call the national Coronavirus hotline on 1800 020 080