Primary Health Care and Allied Health

GP Services

At the Purple House in Alice Springs we have general practitioner (GP) twice each week  which supports access to primary health care for dialysis patients and their families who have had to dislocate to Alice Springs to access dialysis services.

What we found was that people had attended remote clinics on their communities, but once they moved to town they were not accessing primary health care services. In 2006 ‘Central Clinic’ agreed to help us provide a GP Clinic from the Purple House, a place where people felt comfortable visiting and accessing services.

Our GP Clinic helps us to identify and resolve health problems before they get more serious and means we can refer people to specialists and allied health services to ensure they are getting the right care.

Practice Information Sheet

Chronic Disease Management

We have Care Coordinators in Alice Springs and Darwin who are funded through Northern Territory PHN to work with people with chronic diseases to improve their access to health care and services.

Exercise Physiology

People who are on dialysis for a long time tend to get physically weaker and are prone to falls. We have an exercise physiologist who works with patients individually and in small groups with the aim of maintaining or improving their physical health and preventing falls and injuries.


Good foot care is really important for dialysis patients, many of whom have diabetes. We have regular podiatrist days at the Purple House to help look after people’s feet.


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